What is Group Grading?

Group grading is a great way to get your cards graded by BGS, and save money at the same time. 

How Does It Work?
We receive cards from our clients allover the world, once we have 100 cards that need to be graded we will package them up and send to BGS to be graded. 

Why Grade My Cards?

  1. A HIGH GRADE can increase the value of your card
  2. Encase & Protect your sports cards
  3. Ensure your sports cards are authentic
  4. Give your cards an "Official" condition grade

Should I Grade All My Cards?
The short answer to this is...No. The main reason people have their cards graded is to; Increase the value so they can sell the card. People also have cards graded to protect the cards that are in their personal collection. In addition, people will have certain cards like a Michael Jordan RC graded to ensure that the card is authentic, and not counterfeit. 

Depending on why you are having cards graded, it is important to look at the potential "market value increase" should the card receive a high grade. In some instances grading a card could have minimal impact on the value, and the cost of getting the card graded outweighs the "increase" in market value.